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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Student Achievement Testing?

Student Achievement Testing is an annual testing opportunity provided to Michigan students grades K through 12 studying with an MMTA member teacher. The program is a voluntary project of MMTA.

The program is designed for Piano, String, Voice, and Woodwind instruments. All requirements are published in the various individual instrument Student Achievement Testing Handbooks.

The testing consists of five parts: Performance, Theory, Technique, Sight-Reading/Transposition, and Aural Awareness.

Why should a student participate?

Growth realized in preparing for the Student Achievement Tests is invaluable. It encourages a sense of accomplishment in meeting goals while developing commitment and self-discipline.

Who can participate in Student Achievement Testing?

Students of MMTA members who have paid their annual dues by November 1 of the current school year can participate in the testing program.

When and where does Student Achievement Testing take place?

It takes place in the spring each year, usually during the month of March depending upon the local site. Testing is held by individual Local Affiliated Chapters at 20 venues throughout the state.

Is there a fee?

Yes, a fee is required to participate in the program each year. The fee covers the cost of the test and curriculum printing, rental of facilities and equipment, performance judges, and certificates and trophies.

How can I get an SAT Handbook, or a replacement Handbook?

Each new MMTA member is sent a Student Achievement Handbook for the teaching area(s) they listed when joining MMTA. It is suggested that these handbooks be placed in protective sheets or laminated so they will last.

The new 2017 Handbook and corresponding resources are available online for members only and upon login. Please look at "Member's Resources" and 2017 NEW PIANO HANDBOOK.

For a replacement handbook, contact our Membership Chair, Lester A. Castellana. Each replacement Handbook for any instrument is available for $30.


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