2014 Conference Survey

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I found all the scheduled sessions really interesting and relevant.   I really loved hearing Panayis Lyras' performance.   It was really beautiful, thoughtful playing.   It was so easy to hear the structure of the music, and every time I do a crescendo or diminuendo now, I remember how Panayis kept our attention all the way through each one and try to do the same!


I liked Dennis Alexander's performance of his own pieces.   It was really colorful, imaginative playing.   I have to admit that when I play through these easy pieces, I'm not always playing them with an idea of what it's like for a student at that level.  I will have his performance in mind now when I play easier pieces for my students!

I always love hearing the students perform and the master class.  I think was great that this year, there were two master classes, and I also like that one master class was for chamber music ensembles.

I think we should continue to look for sessions that are relevant for string, voice and woodwind teachers, and not just relevant for piano teachers.

I also liked that the Sunday night concert was a chamber music concert.

I was part of the SAT handbook revision presentation.   Teachers seemed to be generally appreciative and open to the changes, with some good suggestions.

It's always useful to hear about muscle and tension related issues, so the first session was good for that!

Diana Munch